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Etalon Alfa Kft

Etalon Alfa Kft

Herr Tibor Tóth

Érmelléki Ipari Park 1.
5520 Szeghalom


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Herr Tóth Tibor
marketing and sales

Diller: Englisch, Ungarisch

The ETALON Alfa Kft. have more than 20 years of experience with the design and production of woodworking machines. Until 2002 our focus was on unique special purpose machines and equipment but then we realized that there was a considerable demand for vertical panel saws with immaculate quality at an affordable price level.
During the last more than 10 years, we have managed to involve several professionals who have been contributing to our success not only with their efforts but also with their own experience and initiatives. Currently working together with several mechanics, an electric engineer, a development engineer and a marketing and sales manager.

The ETALON produces all of the offered machines 100% in our own factory, even the smallest, or the largest workpieces are made by our mechanics.
Thanks to our „all in the factory” production method, our company has no need to build four or five more Eastern European companies profit to our prices.
Thats the reason why the ETALON's prices are kept low even when the concurence riseded them.

Etalon Alfa Kft
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